Why enter the Digital Printer Awards?

Why enter?Attract new business

Just being nominated improves brand awareness and promotes your business to new customers.

Free marketing and invaluable media coverage

You have the opportunity to gain extensive media attention through coverage in the winners’ issue, the website and promotional emails. You can also use the award for your own PR activities in the local and business press.

This exposure helps to attract new customers and increase respect from existing clients.


Winning the finishing award at the Digital Printer Awards is a huge achievement for both Hardings Print Solutions and EVOteam . We are excited to work on more projects this coming year and try and win some more.

Geoff Stone, managing director, EVOteam

Employee motivation

Everyone likes being part of a winning team. Achieving recognition in the awards will have a positive effect on staff morale, motivation and retention.

Why enter?Networking opportunities

Attending the awards gives you the opportunity to build contacts, meet and network with other award participants, businesses and potential customers and partners.

Raise your company profile

Winning at the Digital Printer Awards significantly raises your company profile and earns respect from your peers.

Acknowledge staff and customer loyalty

Attending the awards is an opportunity to thank and reward staff for their contribution to the business, thank customers for their loyalty and impress prospects with your hospitality.


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